Thursday, July 24, 2014

What is it like to actually live off your food preps? The first few days

a couple days ago I started a 4 week food-storage challenge for myself, where I will buy no food for a month, and will be eating nothing but food I have in the house. This includes some fresh food that I have already, but this will be gone in a couple days and I will then be eating exclusively from stored foods.

This is not really to see if I can tolerate it, because I already know I can. I only store foods that I eat anyway at least semi-regularly and cycle out my storage. This is more to see what kind of different meals I can make using ONLY stored food, and to find out if I am missing things or if I have too much of some things and not enough of others.

Here on the blog I will be keeping a record of the meals i have had, and make note of anything that I discover or notice. I will also most likely make a couple videos showing the kinds of meals I am making, so stay tuned to my youtube channel.

Here is my diet for the first 3 days of the challenge:

DAY 1 - 7/22/14

Meal 1 - 2 Bananas
Meal 2 - Rotisserie Chicken I had in the fridge, and a can of green beans
Meal 3 - Chicken Salad with nuts and berries

DAY ONE NOTES: This is pretty typical of my normal days eating, just less food. I forgot to pack a real breakfast and skipped fourth meal as well. This was almost all non-stored food, just using up what was already in the fridge as I would do in a real SHTF scenario.

DAY 2 - 7/23/14

Meal 1 - Eggs and Can of mixed fruit
Meal 2 - Salad with Tuna and nuts/ raisins
Meal 3 -  Rotisserie Chicken and canned tomatos and Okra
Meal 4 - Hotdogs with mustard and pickle spears (no buns)

DAY TWO NOTES: The eggs were all from my chickens. They are laying 1-3 a day right now. The salad greens were fresh and already in the fridge. Hotdogs also already in the fridge. This is again pretty typical of a normal day, except for the fact that in normal situations I almost always eat fresh fruit, not canned.

DAY 3 - 7/24/14

Meal 1 - Eggs and bacon and banana
Meal 2 - Salad with 2 Tuna pouches and berries
Meal 3 - Canned chicken with bbq sauce and can of green beans and blueberries
Meal 4 - Protein shake using last of milk in fridge
Meal 5 - Can of boiled peanuts

DAY 3 NOTES: The bacon I had in the freezer, and I still have salad greens left.

Stay tuned.

- The Lord Humungus

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