Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Veteran Arrested for asking cop for indentification - Arrest Video Transcript

This is a text transcript of the audio of the arrest video, transcribed to the best of our ability. If you or anyone you know has the ability to clean up the audio please let me know. Most of the dialogue is very clear, but portions that are unclear are marked with question marks, ellipses, or color.

Cop1 = GPD Officer Benjamin Blake
Cop2 = GPD Officer Corporal Henry
Cop3 = unknown

TLH = The Lord Humungus (YouTube handle)

TRANSCRIPT FOLLOWS:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

TLH: Ok, can you tell me your name again, sir, please. I can’t give you an id until I see some identification.

Cop1: (simultaneous): Now do you have your id on you or not? Officer Blake. …

Cop1: You are turning this into a more complication situation than it has to be right now. 

TLH: Are you refusing to provide identification? 

Cop1: Alright, go ahead and put the phone down for me. Put the phone down for me. Put your hands behind your back. 

TLH:  (simultaneously): I’m not putting this down. I haven’t seen any identification. You have refusing to give me identification. I do not consent to this. Why are you refusing to give me identification? That’s a pretty simple request. I have to watch out for my own safety. You can buy a badge and a name plate at any costume shop in the country. I do not consent to being detained. What’s the probable cause here?

Cop1: Probable cause - is I already identified myself who I am and you provided…

TLH: you gave me a name and a shield. All I asked for was that – was for actual identification. 

Cop1: You have anything in your pockets right now that can poke, stick, or prod me? Spread your legs for me. 

TLH:  Are you his supervisor? Are you his supervisor?

Cop2: Pardon? I can be, what do you need? 

TLH:  He refused identification and he’s now detaining me. All I did was a simple request for identification. All he pointed to was his shield and a name tag as his only identification. 

Cop2: That uniform identifies him. … That uniform identifies him as a police officer. 

TLH :  ……you can get Any uniform at a costume shop. So you guys are both refusing.. what was your name sir?

Cop2: ........

Cop2:  My name is Corporal Henry

Cop1:  Officer Blake

TLH:  And you guys are both refusing to give me proper identification? I don’t consent to any search … of my property. 

Cop2: Well you are being detained right now….

TLH:  What’s the probable cause for detaining me? X2 Asking for identification is probable cause now – for detaining me? When was the last time you guys looked up the law?

Cop ……..

TLH:  Simply asking who you are is enough to get arrested around here? Is that how it works?

Cop1: Did I say you were under arrest? 

TLH:  Well it sure seems like it to me  ……. What’s the probable cause for detaining me? …… ……

Cop: 10-4

TLH:  I do not consent to any of this. You have no probable cause for any of this. You don’t have a business card or nothing? You guys are not in uniform if you don’t have a business card and identification.

Cop2: Excuse me?

TLH: You are not in uniform if you're not carrying proper identification. 

Cop2: I am in uniform. 

TLH:  so let me see some identification. 

Cop2: I already told you who I was. …..

TLH:  so I don’t have to show you guy ID, I can just say my name? That’s good enough for you?

Cop2: So long as we can look it up and verify it.

TLH:  so how am I suppose to look it up and verify it if you guys have me in cuffs? So you are telling me right now ….

Cop1: My name identifies me

TLH:  I can get a uniform like that in any costume shop in the country. 

Cop2: I – I – I - I – I challenge you to do that. Show up dressed just like I am driving a marked police car. 

TLH:  Get your supervisor out here please. 

Cop1: Where is your ID on you ….well get you backpack
TLH:  Get your supervisor out here please. I don’t understand the question. Can I get your supervisor out here please? I don’t understand the question. Can you get your supervisor out here please? 

Cop2: The question was where is your ID card. The question was where is your ID card.
TLH:  I don’t understand. 

Cop2: You don’t understand what an ID card is?

TLH: I’m distraught right now. I don’t understand the question. I am being detained without probable cause and you guys are refusing to tell me probable cause refusing to give me proper identification. You have no probable cause for detaining me here.

Cop2: Where’s your ID at? 

TLH:  Am I fee to go? 

Cop2: Nope

TLH:  what’s the proper cause for detaining me? 

Cop2: Ask him. Where’s your ID at?

TLH:  I have nothing to say. As per the recent supreme court ruling, I am verbally stating my right to remain silent.

Cop2: ok

TLH: Verbally invoking it.


Cop? …… 

Cop2: Will do

Cop2: Same name as I gave you a minute ago.

Cop1: ...What’s going on...

TLH:  Why am I being detained?

Cop1: Already told you why you were being detained.
TLH:  No you didn't. You didn't say what the probable cause was. You said - I asked …...

Cop1: This can go one of two ways; You can do it willfully or we can push you in there and this will go in a whole different direction. I can tell you right now. This is a simple stop. 
TLH:  ……

Cop1: You already have our identification. It’s in …… Watch your feet. (door closes)

Cop2: Is this him? 

Cop1: Stopped him for having no lights, 

Cop2: Ok 

Cop1: and, uh, pulled him over….identification…your id…

Cop2: …..probable cause to pull him over. He refused to identify himself. So what’s your next step?

Cop1: Gonna’ search his bag. …

Cop2: Absolutely, because you have a charge on him already. 

Cop3: Got’ yu’ a cauuuuehhhahaha  congawulashuns

Cop2: You, not so much.

Cop3: Still sitting n’ …..???

Cop2: What’s his name?

Cop1: Eric English **finds military ID**  Hmmmph. Really. Go figure.

Cop2: Oh, nice.

Cop 3: Heeeuuuhh muluturuh’?

Cop1: Yep.

Cop3: Tha’ thah’ doo’?

Cop2: 1st Lieutenant. 

Cop2: So, I’m guessing NOT. 

Cop2: I don’t know.

Cop3: Multuruhvet.

Cop2: He asked me for my identification …. You can get one of those at a pawn shop anywhere. Go ahead and do that and drive up in a marked patrol car. He said I was not in uniform unless I had proper ID and a business card. 

Cop3: Yubduhumbur

Cop2: ***Irrelevant talk of bungy cords***

Cop3: Luuuks’ like u guyz av’ it unda’ contro’ he’er.

Cop2: Yup

Cop1: This is bullshit

Cop1: Echo524200840660

Cop2: Gonna’ take him for a ride? You got resisting.

Cop1: yeah....Wasn’t worth it. 

Cop2: ….answer question…???

Cop1: 26. 

Cop2: You have ….
Cop1: Yeah, ??? sounds good to me.

Cop?: Got me my bungy cord. Guess he didn’t want it.

Cop2: Gonna call his commander?

Cop1: What’s that?

Cop2: Gonna’ call his commander?

Cop1: I could do that. 

Cop2: …Major…currant?? ….

Cop1: So… ??? am I looking for… Very satisfying.

Cop2: Especially when you didn't act like that in the military.

Cop1: Mmmhmm. Uh, oh, I didn't even tell him he was under arrest so ??? under arrest ??...

Cop1: Let’s find out what secrets lie in this backpack. **unzipping / thieving through backpack** Got some military issue OJs, got a bike bar, bike lock. ?? Bottle. **unzipping** I suppose that’s it.

Cop2: All that for nothing.

Cop1: Hmmhmm I think ??? another sovereign citizen in the making. 
Cop2: Hmmhmm.

Cop1: That can go here (jingling keys), that can go.


**At this point Officer Blake destroys evidence by purposefully stopping the recording**


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