Monday, September 29, 2014


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Thursday, July 24, 2014

What is it like to actually live off your food preps? The first few days

a couple days ago I started a 4 week food-storage challenge for myself, where I will buy no food for a month, and will be eating nothing but food I have in the house. This includes some fresh food that I have already, but this will be gone in a couple days and I will then be eating exclusively from stored foods.

This is not really to see if I can tolerate it, because I already know I can. I only store foods that I eat anyway at least semi-regularly and cycle out my storage. This is more to see what kind of different meals I can make using ONLY stored food, and to find out if I am missing things or if I have too much of some things and not enough of others.

Here on the blog I will be keeping a record of the meals i have had, and make note of anything that I discover or notice. I will also most likely make a couple videos showing the kinds of meals I am making, so stay tuned to my youtube channel.

Here is my diet for the first 3 days of the challenge:

DAY 1 - 7/22/14

Meal 1 - 2 Bananas
Meal 2 - Rotisserie Chicken I had in the fridge, and a can of green beans
Meal 3 - Chicken Salad with nuts and berries

DAY ONE NOTES: This is pretty typical of my normal days eating, just less food. I forgot to pack a real breakfast and skipped fourth meal as well. This was almost all non-stored food, just using up what was already in the fridge as I would do in a real SHTF scenario.

DAY 2 - 7/23/14

Meal 1 - Eggs and Can of mixed fruit
Meal 2 - Salad with Tuna and nuts/ raisins
Meal 3 -  Rotisserie Chicken and canned tomatos and Okra
Meal 4 - Hotdogs with mustard and pickle spears (no buns)

DAY TWO NOTES: The eggs were all from my chickens. They are laying 1-3 a day right now. The salad greens were fresh and already in the fridge. Hotdogs also already in the fridge. This is again pretty typical of a normal day, except for the fact that in normal situations I almost always eat fresh fruit, not canned.

DAY 3 - 7/24/14

Meal 1 - Eggs and bacon and banana
Meal 2 - Salad with 2 Tuna pouches and berries
Meal 3 - Canned chicken with bbq sauce and can of green beans and blueberries
Meal 4 - Protein shake using last of milk in fridge
Meal 5 - Can of boiled peanuts

DAY 3 NOTES: The bacon I had in the freezer, and I still have salad greens left.

Stay tuned.

- The Lord Humungus

Sunday, February 9, 2014

new ruling makes it legal to kill cops?

There is a story that has been making the rounds, and the information is being wildly misrepresented by the media.

The basic situation is that several cops entered the mans house to serve a warrant to look for drugs (what else). While they claim they verbally announced themselves as police, they apparently didn't knock and just entered the residence.

The resident did what many people who do when some unknown person bursts into their house: he shot, killing one of the officers. Almost as amazing as the fact that the rest of the cops let him out of there alive is the fact that a grand jury chose not to indict him on murder charges, saying that there is no evidence that he knew they were police and was acting in self defense.

Several news outlets are now saying this ruling has 'legalized the killing of cops' which is just sensationalist bullshit. Even before this incident, it was as 'legal' to kill cops as it was to kill anyone else. Which is to say it is illegal accept under very specific circumstances. There are no "unless the offender is a police officer" exceptions in criminal laws that involve injured parties. The way the laws are enforced may make it sometimes seem that way, however.

Furthermore, this wasn't even an actual 'ruling', just a grand jury decision to not bring him up on murder charges. The only unique thing about this situation is that justice actually won out. Although the DA may still try to bring up the charges again, so this guy isn't out of the woods yet.

Whatever your feelings are on who is the 'bad guy' in this situation, what SHOULD be learned from this incident is that, right or wrong, minor drug (and any other non-violent) offenses are not worthy of death on the part of the 'offender' or the police. So why are they creating these situations that make it highly likely that somebody ends up dead?

The justification for these raids is that with advanced notice the offenders may have time to destroy evidence. So the only upside is POTENTIAL evidence for nonviolent crimes. Crimes which many times are only misdemeanors. While the downsides are potential losses of life on the part of the citizens, their pets, innocent people and, as in this case, the police.

Is it worth it?


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How to seal a gunshot wound in 15 seconds

We preppers are always looking for serious first-aid options that the average person can store and utilize when disaster strikes. For years the best a civilian could get their hands on was gauze pads and a tourniquet. With the invention of Quik-clot there was finally something that you could carry in your first aid kit that could deal with more serious wounds, although it still wasn't really good enough for serious gunshot wounds.

Now an Oregon startup company has created a device that is supposed to stop the bleeding in gunshot wounds in as little as 15 seconds

The sponges work fast: In just 15 seconds, they expand to fill the entire wound cavity, creating enough pressure to stop heavy bleeding. And because the sponges cling to moist surfaces, they aren’t pushed back out of the body by gushing blood. “By the time you even put a bandage over the wound, the bleeding has already stopped,” Steinbaugh says.
The syringe-like device works by injecting dozens of expandable sponges directly into the wound cavity. The sponges expand to fill the cavity and stem the flow of blood. As with any first aid technique apart from actual surgery, this is still just a temporary stabilization method and not a final solution. You would still need to get the individual some serious medical care. But it will certainly allow you more time to do so, and increase the injured person's chances of surviving. Which is what first aid is supposed to do.

While the current price tag is estimated at about $100 a pop, that is expected to come down as they begin to mass produce the product. If they can get them down in the $25 to $30 range it would be worth having one or two on hand in for a serious first aid kit.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

EDC can save lives

One of the most common questions I get from 'normal' people about various EDC (Every Day Carry) items I have is "why do you have THAT?" and it is usually in reference to something fairly useful like knives or flashlights. Even more ironic is that they only know I have it because something has occurred that made me pull it out, which should answer their question.

While having EDC items usually turn minor inconveniences into non-issues, they can also make the difference in life or death situations. Consider this incident in Quebec a few days ago:

The Quebec coroner's office is conducting an autopsy on Naima Rharouity, a 47-year-old mother of two who was killed after a piece of clothing she was wearing became caught in an escalator at a Montreal train station.

Rharouity was at Fabre metro Thursday morning when the accident happened. It appears that she was traveling down an escalator when she fell. An item of clothing became stuck in the mechanism and tightened around her neck, strangling her.

Witnesses told police they saw the unnamed victim struggling to free her scarf after it got lodged in the teeth of an escalator on her way down to the subway platform.

‘While she was trying to pull up her scarf from the escalator, her hair got caught too and from there, everything got tied up at the end of the escalators,’ said Constable Jean-Pierre Brabant, of the Montreal police.
Commuter Bassam Joubarani told he saw two Good Samaritans rushing to the aid of the 48-year-old woman, who was lying unconscious on her back at the bottom of the moving stairs. 
Joubarani recalled seeing the trapped victim still breathing, with half of her body resting on the escalator. 

Based on the information in this article, it appears highly likely that this woman would still be alive if she or any of the people nearby had even a small pocketknife on them at the time. Any decent EDC knife would make quick work of any hair or clothing that was trapping her.

You aren't going to get a warning about when these types of things are going to happen, so if you want to be ready for them you have to be ready all the time. Make sure your every day carry is actually EVERY DAY.

There really is no excuse for not always having a decent knife on you.

Post a comment about any time you have had your EDC items come in handy.


Friday, January 31, 2014

Where is the best place to hide in case of a Nuclear attack?

So where is the best place to hide in case of a nuclear attack? Hint: it's not in a refrigerator.

In 2010 the EPA released a paper, Planning guidance for response to a nuclear detonation" which includes a lot of useful info for anybody wanting to prepare for nuclear attacks. One particular part stands out though, which is the following info-graphic demonstrating the (relatively) safest places to be during a nuclear detonation:

Some are no-brainers, like the deepest basement in a multi-story building. But others are less intuitive. Of particular interest to me is the fact that you face less exposure on the 3rd or 4th floor of a high-rise than you do on the ground floor. I assumed that the more material above you the, the better. But I suppose all the fallout eventually lands on the ground at the base of the buildings, so being up a couple floors could be substantially better at shielding you from latent radiation. There may be other factors at play as well, but regardless, it is important information to consider when formulating shelter or bug-out plans. Also remember that concrete is better than wood, and in general the more distance between you and the fallout the better.

Download the paper of the entire PDF here:

Other things to consider for Nuclear fallout prepping:
- Potassium iodide pills
- gas mask with filters
- plastic sheeting and duct tape
- air filters
- hazmat suit and overboots
- Geiger counter or other radiation detectors


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Land of the free......Veteran arrested for asking police officer for ID


On November 19th, 2013 I was illegally arrested by Gainesville Police officer Benjamin Blake.

There is a video on my channel of the raw, unedited video footage I took on the scene (until Officer Blake purposefully shut off the camera.):

There is also a video on my YouTube channel explaining the situation:

There is also a post here of the audio transcript of the video:

The charges fabricated for the arrest (resisting an officer without violence) were dropped almost immediately, because they were obviously completely bogus, as I did nothing illegal. But I was still subjected to many criminal actions: physical touching and restraint against my will, illegal searches, damage to my personal property, physical, psychological and emotional distress, having my reputation and future job prospects affected by having mug shots on the internet, and being physically detained against my will for over 16 hours.

Incidentally, I was also subjected to the worst breakfast I have had on this planet (And that's coming from somebody who has eaten egg and cheese MREs).


I have already filed a complaint against Officer Benjamin Blake and Corporal Henry, But since the police themselves are the arbiters of the complaint I don't hold out much hope for any positive result. I would appreciate it if anyone reading this could call or write to Gainesville Police Chief Tony Jones and calmly and politely mention that it is unacceptable to have officers violating the constitutional rights of citizens (veterans, no less) because of a lack of knowledge of the law, or worse, purposeful disregard for it. Please specifically mention Officer Benjamin Blake and Officer Henry and ask that they receive disciplinary action.

At the very least please post your displeasure to their Facebook page (specifically mentioning officer Benjamin Blake and Officer Henry)

If even half of my 13,000 YouTube subscribers voice their displeasure though as many of these outlets as possible, they may realize that Americans really do care about freedom and personal liberty.

Gainesville Police Facebook Page:

GPD Contact INFO:
  • Chief's Office
    (352) 393-7501
  • Internal Affairs
    (352) 393-7580

Gainesville Police Dept Mailing Address
PO Box 1250
Gainesville, FL 32627

Gainesville Mayor Ed Braddy

Please share this page and the original video:
Let's show them that we will not be good little slaves and stand idly by while our natural rights as free people are trampled by bullies with a government issued monopoly on violence.

Please understand, this is not for revenge or spite on my part. It is very simply because the police will never stop abusing their authority until they start receiving some kind of negative consequences when they do. Cops should not be above the law. Nobody should be.

Even though my charges have been dropped, I have not been made whole. I have been subjected to numerous physical, emotional, and monetary damages as a result of these officers' illegal actions, and I very strongly want to pursue a law suit against the department and/or the individual officers, but have very little knowledge of the process, and no money to spend on it. If you or anyone you know has knowledge or expertise in how to go about this please contact me via Private Message on my YouTube channel:


"Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!"

Paypal Email:

Mailing Address: PO BOX 5061 Gainesville, FL 32627

Quark Coin Donations: QWCdaVyZBGZD3XBMtQbmULCiadzUzrKzKE

Bitcoin Donations: 1VVjcHyNJNqSDBD5Kfpb2CQY4daXSQscm

Donations will go towards any legal fees, to try and get any record of the false arrest sealed or expunged, Etc. 

Veteran Arrested for asking cop for indentification - Arrest Video Transcript

This is a text transcript of the audio of the arrest video, transcribed to the best of our ability. If you or anyone you know has the ability to clean up the audio please let me know. Most of the dialogue is very clear, but portions that are unclear are marked with question marks, ellipses, or color.

Cop1 = GPD Officer Benjamin Blake
Cop2 = GPD Officer Corporal Henry
Cop3 = unknown

TLH = The Lord Humungus (YouTube handle)

TRANSCRIPT FOLLOWS:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

TLH: Ok, can you tell me your name again, sir, please. I can’t give you an id until I see some identification.

Cop1: (simultaneous): Now do you have your id on you or not? Officer Blake. …

Cop1: You are turning this into a more complication situation than it has to be right now. 

TLH: Are you refusing to provide identification? 

Cop1: Alright, go ahead and put the phone down for me. Put the phone down for me. Put your hands behind your back. 

TLH:  (simultaneously): I’m not putting this down. I haven’t seen any identification. You have refusing to give me identification. I do not consent to this. Why are you refusing to give me identification? That’s a pretty simple request. I have to watch out for my own safety. You can buy a badge and a name plate at any costume shop in the country. I do not consent to being detained. What’s the probable cause here?

Cop1: Probable cause - is I already identified myself who I am and you provided…

TLH: you gave me a name and a shield. All I asked for was that – was for actual identification. 

Cop1: You have anything in your pockets right now that can poke, stick, or prod me? Spread your legs for me. 

TLH:  Are you his supervisor? Are you his supervisor?

Cop2: Pardon? I can be, what do you need? 

TLH:  He refused identification and he’s now detaining me. All I did was a simple request for identification. All he pointed to was his shield and a name tag as his only identification. 

Cop2: That uniform identifies him. … That uniform identifies him as a police officer. 

TLH :  ……you can get Any uniform at a costume shop. So you guys are both refusing.. what was your name sir?

Cop2: ........

Cop2:  My name is Corporal Henry

Cop1:  Officer Blake

TLH:  And you guys are both refusing to give me proper identification? I don’t consent to any search … of my property. 

Cop2: Well you are being detained right now….

TLH:  What’s the probable cause for detaining me? X2 Asking for identification is probable cause now – for detaining me? When was the last time you guys looked up the law?

Cop ……..

TLH:  Simply asking who you are is enough to get arrested around here? Is that how it works?

Cop1: Did I say you were under arrest? 

TLH:  Well it sure seems like it to me  ……. What’s the probable cause for detaining me? …… ……

Cop: 10-4

TLH:  I do not consent to any of this. You have no probable cause for any of this. You don’t have a business card or nothing? You guys are not in uniform if you don’t have a business card and identification.

Cop2: Excuse me?

TLH: You are not in uniform if you're not carrying proper identification. 

Cop2: I am in uniform. 

TLH:  so let me see some identification. 

Cop2: I already told you who I was. …..

TLH:  so I don’t have to show you guy ID, I can just say my name? That’s good enough for you?

Cop2: So long as we can look it up and verify it.

TLH:  so how am I suppose to look it up and verify it if you guys have me in cuffs? So you are telling me right now ….

Cop1: My name identifies me

TLH:  I can get a uniform like that in any costume shop in the country. 

Cop2: I – I – I - I – I challenge you to do that. Show up dressed just like I am driving a marked police car. 

TLH:  Get your supervisor out here please. 

Cop1: Where is your ID on you ….well get you backpack
TLH:  Get your supervisor out here please. I don’t understand the question. Can I get your supervisor out here please? I don’t understand the question. Can you get your supervisor out here please? 

Cop2: The question was where is your ID card. The question was where is your ID card.
TLH:  I don’t understand. 

Cop2: You don’t understand what an ID card is?

TLH: I’m distraught right now. I don’t understand the question. I am being detained without probable cause and you guys are refusing to tell me probable cause refusing to give me proper identification. You have no probable cause for detaining me here.

Cop2: Where’s your ID at? 

TLH:  Am I fee to go? 

Cop2: Nope

TLH:  what’s the proper cause for detaining me? 

Cop2: Ask him. Where’s your ID at?

TLH:  I have nothing to say. As per the recent supreme court ruling, I am verbally stating my right to remain silent.

Cop2: ok

TLH: Verbally invoking it.


Cop? …… 

Cop2: Will do

Cop2: Same name as I gave you a minute ago.

Cop1: ...What’s going on...

TLH:  Why am I being detained?

Cop1: Already told you why you were being detained.
TLH:  No you didn't. You didn't say what the probable cause was. You said - I asked …...

Cop1: This can go one of two ways; You can do it willfully or we can push you in there and this will go in a whole different direction. I can tell you right now. This is a simple stop. 
TLH:  ……

Cop1: You already have our identification. It’s in …… Watch your feet. (door closes)

Cop2: Is this him? 

Cop1: Stopped him for having no lights, 

Cop2: Ok 

Cop1: and, uh, pulled him over….identification…your id…

Cop2: …..probable cause to pull him over. He refused to identify himself. So what’s your next step?

Cop1: Gonna’ search his bag. …

Cop2: Absolutely, because you have a charge on him already. 

Cop3: Got’ yu’ a cauuuuehhhahaha  congawulashuns

Cop2: You, not so much.

Cop3: Still sitting n’ …..???

Cop2: What’s his name?

Cop1: Eric English **finds military ID**  Hmmmph. Really. Go figure.

Cop2: Oh, nice.

Cop 3: Heeeuuuhh muluturuh’?

Cop1: Yep.

Cop3: Tha’ thah’ doo’?

Cop2: 1st Lieutenant. 

Cop2: So, I’m guessing NOT. 

Cop2: I don’t know.

Cop3: Multuruhvet.

Cop2: He asked me for my identification …. You can get one of those at a pawn shop anywhere. Go ahead and do that and drive up in a marked patrol car. He said I was not in uniform unless I had proper ID and a business card. 

Cop3: Yubduhumbur

Cop2: ***Irrelevant talk of bungy cords***

Cop3: Luuuks’ like u guyz av’ it unda’ contro’ he’er.

Cop2: Yup

Cop1: This is bullshit

Cop1: Echo524200840660

Cop2: Gonna’ take him for a ride? You got resisting.

Cop1: yeah....Wasn’t worth it. 

Cop2: ….answer question…???

Cop1: 26. 

Cop2: You have ….
Cop1: Yeah, ??? sounds good to me.

Cop?: Got me my bungy cord. Guess he didn’t want it.

Cop2: Gonna call his commander?

Cop1: What’s that?

Cop2: Gonna’ call his commander?

Cop1: I could do that. 

Cop2: …Major…currant?? ….

Cop1: So… ??? am I looking for… Very satisfying.

Cop2: Especially when you didn't act like that in the military.

Cop1: Mmmhmm. Uh, oh, I didn't even tell him he was under arrest so ??? under arrest ??...

Cop1: Let’s find out what secrets lie in this backpack. **unzipping / thieving through backpack** Got some military issue OJs, got a bike bar, bike lock. ?? Bottle. **unzipping** I suppose that’s it.

Cop2: All that for nothing.

Cop1: Hmmhmm I think ??? another sovereign citizen in the making. 
Cop2: Hmmhmm.

Cop1: That can go here (jingling keys), that can go.


**At this point Officer Blake destroys evidence by purposefully stopping the recording**